Food For Famine Society (FFF) needs your help in education the world on global hunger and severe childhood malnutrition. With the use of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (FFF), we can help provide aid to children whose lives are threatened each year. Become any of the ambassadors listed below and share your experiences with your online networks to help engage and inspire others to become leaders like yourself.

Corporate Ambassador

Become a Corporate Ambassador by starting a fundraiser today; set a goal, whether that is half a container, or ten. By donating in containers donors can save approximately 900 children’s lives for each RUTF container. As a business you can share your company’s social responsibility through employee campaigns, company matching programs and annual funding. Register »

School Ambassador (Middle/High School)

Help spread the awareness of global hunger and the solutions available to eliminate severe childhood malnutrition in developing countries. By discussing the benefits of RUTF in your school you can encourage people to donate and work together to put an end to global hunger. Speak with schoolmates, teachers and parents; do a class project, start a fundraiser or global hunger club. Register »

Campus Ambassador (University/College)

Become a Campus Ambassador by spreading awareness of global hunger and developing solutions. University and College campuses across Canada are places of innovation and social change. Driving change in our world can help us put an end to global hunger and move towards a day when no child goes to bed hungry. Register »

Community Ambassador

Become a Community Ambassador and you will have a chance to represent the Food For Famine Society (FFF) and its fight against global hunger throughout your community. Share with your community the issues we with continue to face in regards to global hunger and the miracle solution that Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (FFF) is. Register »