Food For Famine Updates

Impact Report From Our Partners

February 12, 2021
This year has been challenging for everyone, especially those that we serve. And while it’s been 0% business as usual, World Vision can assure you… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Ten Years of Impact, Food For Famine Society & World Vision Canada

January 17, 2020
It wouldn’t be a celebration without video greeting cards from our well-wishers from around the world. Thanks to World Vision Canada for putting these together… Continue Reading →

Watch the video that inspired Maria Martini, Director of Food For Famine to educate the world and supply RUTF through out the developing world. A video not to be missed.

Watch the video of RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) fortified peanut paste that’s been carefully formulated to provide all of a child’s basic nutritional needs.