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Food For Famine Society needs your help to share our story and help in educating the world on global hunger and Severe Acute Malnutrition. With the use of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (FFF), we can help provide aid to children whose lives are threatened each year. Help engage and inspire others to become a part of the change!

Help us spread the message surrounding world hunger and discussing the benefits of RUTF in your school, community or campus.  You can encourage people to donate and work together to help put an end to global hunger. Speak with family, friends, schoolmates, teachers and parents; host a speaker, do a class project, start a fundraiser or share our events on social media.

Driving change in our world can help us put an end to global hunger and move towards a day when no child goes to bed hungry.

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Be The Change

We need people like YOU to help tell our story to the rest of the world! Please use our images and information below to encourage your friends and family to support RUTF and to help wipe out world hunger and starvation. There are numerous opportunities for you and your community to be a part of the change and to help take action against global hunger!  Get involved!​

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”  ~ Mahatma Ghandi

There are numerous opportunities for you to be a part of our initiatives:

Share Our Story!

Food For Famine Society needs your help in educating the world on global hunger and Severe Acute Malnutrition.

Students: Get Active!

Gather your peers on campus and celebrate an event like World Food Day, or start your own event!

Host Your Own Event

Hold your own fundraising or educational event and help support the fight against world hunger.

Connect with us on Social Media!

Please share our images and send us yours! Do you volunteer? Do you work with local charities in your community? Share your story!

We want you to take action and take our message out into the world! Please share our amazing photos on your FacebookTwitterInstagram and more to help educate and inspire those around you. We appreciate every opportunity to engage, empower and inspire people to get involved in eradicating world hunger. Be the change!

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