82,800 Kids & Counting! Wow!

March 29, 2019

We are so excited to announce that we have officially helped to nourish over 82,800 malnourished children in over 10 countries!  Such an incredible journey since our Founder Maria Martini saw the first Anderson Cooper video!

Since 2012 to end of 2019, our amazing partnership between Food For Famine, MANA and World Vision Canada will have provided 92 containers of Mana Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food, impacting the lives of 82,800 children! This impact does not include the 20 containers donated to World Vision USA. If we include these containers, then our grand total is 112 containers!

That is a whopping impact on 100,800 children’s lives!

We are so incredibly proud and honoured to be part of this vision that came from one woman, seeing one documentary and making a singular decision to take action and make a difference.

Maria, thank you from all of us around you! You inspire us all to be better people, every single day!

~Food For Famine Team

Dadaab, Kenya – August 13, 2011: A newly arrived Somalian baby with her mother, waiting for registration and food on August 13, 2011 at the Dadaab refuge complex for Acute Malnutrition.
Dadaab , Kenya – August 14, 2011: Somalian children refugees fetch water at  the new site opened to some 5,000 refugees.