Therapeutic Food Saving Children in DRC

Vivian After RUTF

RUTF Food Shipment For the Democratic Republic of Congo

Our valuable donors have helped us move another shipment of therapeutic food (RUTF) in time to help save the life of a little girl named Vivian.  Food For Famine Society has proudly partnered with World Vision and MANA Nutrition and delivered a container of much needed Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic-Food (RUTF) to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Vivian was in desperate need of therapeutic re-nourishment and is now on the mend under the watchful eye of the World Vision team.

Next shipment to the DRC is due Jan 16, 2015, follow it’s movement here!

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Vivian Before Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)

Vivian Before RUTF

Vivian After Ready to Use therapeutic Food (RUTF)

Vivian After RUTF