Great News! Over thirty-six thousand packages of RUTF have arrived in Burundi.

August 3, 2012

Food for Famine Society with the partnership of Mana & World Vision Canada are proud to report that our latest shipment of RUTF has arrived in Burundi. This shippment of Ready-to-use-Therapeutic Food is supporting the scale up of FARN and CMAM project that is being implemented through collaboration with UNICEF. The implementation is taking place in Karuzi and Muramvya, the only 2 provinces where the CMAM approach is not yet implemented.

The RUTF is being used to support 5 health centers in Muramvya and 7 health centers in Karusi (1 per commune ) where OTPs (Outpatient Therapeutic Program) will be established.

World Vision Burundi has already established 4 pilot sites (2 in Muramvya and 2 in Karusi) which are located near WV ADPs (Area Development Program) and the Plumpy Nut is being used in these 4 health centers (OTP sites).

Here are some stats as of May 2012:

  • Number of children already admitted in OTP : 285
  • Quantity of RUTF already used: 36002 sachets (240 boxes)
  • Remaining boxes of RUTF will be used throughout the project this year

Photo Caption – Child being weighed at Kiganda health center, the referral health centre for the severe malnourished children from the WV Mushikamo ADP.