Saving Lives In Ethiopia

February 1, 2013

Food for Famine Society would like to thank our generous donors for contributing to our lifesaving work in Ethiopia. Your recent donation of 775 cartons of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) vitamin enriched peanut-paste provided essential nutrients to hundreds of children suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). Your donation was distributed to a total of 5 therapeutic feeding centres across Ethiopia.

Update-February2013-Pic002Sadun Seyifu, shown in the picture below was admitted to the Doreni Health Center in Ethiopia. His mother Fatuma, brought him to Doreni when he became very ill and thin. He was immediately treated with RUTF and other medication. Additionally, Fatuma received training on breast feeding and food preparation from the community health worker. Fatuma learned about using a variety of foods in her son’s diet. She immediately saw the difference after Sadun started being treated with RUTF and eating the new food. After witnessing firsthand the results of RUTF, she proudly proclaimed to our World Vision Ethiopia colleagues “I am mobilizing the community about the program. I would like to thank this organization and encourage them to keep saving the lives of children!”

Sadun being treated with RUTF by his mother Fatuma
Sadun During RUTF Treatment

On behalf of Sadun, Fatuma, and the other children and families in Ethiopia who benefited from your donation, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our donors, World Vision Canada and MANA Nutrition for your continued generosity and partnership in our efforts to restore health and dignity in the hearts of children all over the world. Together we are helping kids live life in all its fullness.

RUTF-PkgHelp us get more RUTF to more kids like Sadun today! You can get involved by sharing our mission on social media, by attending our annual events, volunteering or donating!  Just be a part of the change YOU wish to see in the world!