Meet Habiba, 10 mth old Baby Girl

October 17, 2018

Caroline is a housewife living in Yassing, 22 KM from Koro, in Mali. She is mother to Habiba, a beautiful 10 month old baby girl. She is also mother to four other children, 2 boys and girls, of which the oldest is 11 years old. 

“My child was sick for about two weeks without treatment. I was educated by community relays on the importance of nutrition and they urged me to bring my child to the health center. It is there that the doctor, after consulting my child, said she was malnourished and offered treatment that I gave to my child. He then explained that the treatment was a support of the NGO, World Vision. I was very pleased. I know if I had not brought my child to the health center, she was going to lose her life. Thanks to this treatment, my child is cured and in good health. I am grateful this treatment was available and I continue to share this experience with the members of my community. I share the importance of proper nutrition for children through chats with my family and at the women’s meetings so that they are aware of its importance.”


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